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BLOOM Brands offers the most Tasteful and Convenient Experience with Bloom carts and more. 

BLOOM BRANDS loves nothing more than classic cannabis strains. Since 2014 BLOOM has pioneered the cannabis vape industry with
consistent recipes that provide a great tasting experience that is as close to the plant as possible, we have been improving every day. BLOOM BRANDS is a cannabis lifestyle brand founded in Los Angeles, California. Created by cannabis enthusiasts, BLOOM BRANDS specializes in trendy products that deliver a clean and consistent experience. BLOOM offers the most tasteful and convenient experience. Bloom products contain no additives, PG, VG or vitamin E. Available in California, Nevada, New Mexico, Washington, Oklahoma and Arizona!

It is important to know what ingredients are in your vape and how they are made. These are important questions to ask before buying a vape.The only ingredients in Bloom products are cannabinoids and terpenes / terpenoids. There are no cutting agents or additives in our bloom carts.

We are here to provide an easy way for consumers to relax and reunite with their inner child. We are resting and having fun. We never feel guilty and it makes us happy. We encourage you to take care of yourself, cheer up and enjoy the moments that make you be you.

The Bloom Hardware

Just Breathe

Because terpenes are delicate, BLOOM hardware is customized to protect the oil and maximize flavor and experience. Our advanced hardware has a larger chamber and doubles the entry point for faster effects. BLOOM cartridges are also designed with ceramic heating elements for excellent thermal control, producing flavorful, silky vapor for a richer experience.